Rev-Craft - A Community Minecraft Server

In Collaboration With Community Volunteers

Rev-Craft is a community based Minecraft server. Launched in August, 2012, the server has served over 8000 unique players with 100+ active players every day.

The server is equipped with over 30 plugins that I wrote exclusive for this server including over 100 custom features in order to enhance the experience of the game. Every Saturday evening, server will hold a mini-game event. The mini-game will be originally designed by me or community members or simulate a game mode from another game. The map will be crafted by community volunteers and finally I will make a plugin to support this game.

Community is the center of this whole matter, as they are the ones who provides help to improve. Players with different approaches are encouraged to stay in separate groups as well as being a member of the whole community. Volunteers are the ones who wish to provide more help for the community and guards are chosen from experienced members as a wall of defence.

This is my first and most successive project. Even though I believe sometimes I took chance, it is still an unforgeable experience with all members in Rev-Craft.


CrystalACG - Proxy, Re-tweeter, Community

In Collaboration With Android Kun

CrystalACG launched in March 2014 as a proxy server located in Japan. Due to some limitations in some Japanese ACG websites that only allows Japanese users to access, a proxy server is needed to provide service for a free and open internet.

The intent of CrystalACG was a popular game "艦隊これくしょん" requires a proxy to play outside Japan. Thus, a long-term and stable proxy server is needed, and CrystalACG is "it". It is easy to set-up, Setting up only requires user to edit their "hosts" file, or they can just simply use a tiny program to edit with one-click.

Another feature of CrystalACG is that CrystalACG can fetch information on twitter page using twitter API and return an image for display, called "Blue Bird Re-tweet"(we call it this way to avoid censors). "艦隊これくしょん" post their news and updates on their twitter page, and because of twitter was blocked for unknown reasons in China, this makes Chinese players hard to access these important informations and announcements. "Blue Bird Re-tweet" will help those players to access these informations without using VPN or other software.

At last, CrystalACG also has a user community that allows users to chat, usually are ACG topics, games or others. It also helps while collecting suggestions of CrystalACG features.


SpigotDL - For Spigot Community

An auto compiler for project Spigot

SpigotDL is a website where you are able to download a pre-compiled version of a Minecraft server-side software, Spigot.

The story is complicated. To sum it up, a contributor revoked his contribution on Bukkit(Spigot is a forked of Bukkit) so that he broke everything about Bukkit including the software and community. In order to preserver the Bukkit and Spigot Community, @md_5 took the lead on rebuilding the code. Considering the legal issues, he was not able to provide compiled version of the software.

Building Spigot took a lot of work and time, and it also requires user to have knowledge on how to use git. As mentioned before, one can download a pre-compiled file from SpigotDL server, which saves users' time and it is more friendly to those with little advanced knowledge on git.

SpigotDL uses Jenkins, it will fetch update from Spigot's git every 15 minutes and compile if updates are available.


ZjsnViewer - A Widget For Warship Girls

An officially accepted game-helper app

ZjsnViewer is a Android side widget designed for game "Warship Girls". Featuring status report using widgets and notifications while fully customizable.

By using this app, user are able to access their dock status on a dashboard powered by widgets as well as receiving notifications when the job is done. It also supports multiple languages and all features are fully toggleable.

For more information please visit project website(English version available).


McProxy - A Minecraft Game Downloader Proxy

In Collaboration With Android Kun

McProxy is a simple Minecraft game downloader proxy server. It utilises the spare bandwidth on CrystalACG server.

"You may be a victim of genuine software!" -- To those who are affected.

For unknown reason, AmazonAWS service is extremely unstable in Chinese Mainland. This makes players with a legit copy of Minecraft difficult to download their game. While I was decompiling Minecraft Launcher, I found it is possible to inject a proxy argument to it.

By setting up this proxy server, user in China Mainland are able to access game resources with an improved speed and stability.


Multi-Link - All Your Devices' Status

A RCOS Project

Multi-Link is a cross-platform software that could let you know all your devices status in a glance. Status will include battery(if applicable), ram, memory and more.

Furthermore it is also possible to send files or messages to other devices, or even making simple operations such as shutdown or restart.

Coming Soon