Active Projects


Community Minecraft server since Aug 23, 2012 - Team Leader

Rev-Craft is a community based Minecraft server. Launched in August, 2012, the server has served over 17000 unique players with over a hundred active players every day. (As of September 2017)

The server is equipped with over 140 plugins that I wrote exclusive for this server. Every Saturday evening, server will hold a mini-game event. The mini-game will be originally designed by me or community members or simulate a game mode from another game. The map will be crafted by community volunteers and finally I will make a plugin to support this game.

Community is the center of this whole matter, as they are the ones who provides help to improve. Players with different approaches are encouraged to stay in separate groups as well as being a member of the whole community. Volunteers are the ones who wish to provide more help for the community and guards are chosen from experienced members as a wall of defence.

This is my first and most successful project. I believe my dedication leads to this unforgeable experience with all members in Rev-Craft.

Project website (Chinese):



Web Proxy, Twitter Proxy and Community - Team Leader

CrystalACG was launched in March 2014 as a free proxy service. Due to some limitations in some Japanese websites that only allows Japanese users to access, a proxy server is required to view the restricted content. Currently CrystalACG servers around 52,000 unique users every week. (As of September 2017)

The start of CrystalACG was becase a popular game "艦隊これ" requires a Japanese ip to play. A long-term and stable proxy server is needed, and CrystalACG is "it". It is easy to set-up, which only requires user to edit their "hosts" file or using a simple tool.

Our web service features a Twitter helper tool. We call it "Blue Bird Retweet" to avoid trouble in China. The game officials post important news and announcements on their Twitter page, which is inaccessible from China. "Blue Bird Retweet" will help Chinese players to access these informations without using VPN or other software.

At last, we also developed a player community based on our service. Players in the community will be able to chat, seeking or providing help with other users.

Project website (Chinese):



Featured Plugin for Minecraft Server - Project Leader

LockettePro is a light-weight, easy-to-use protection plugin for Minecraft servers. It utilizes signs to protect player's chests, doors and other blocks.

The project was started in response to an old and outdated plugin, Lockette. Without removing any of its key features, LockettePro has rewrite the entire codebase. It successfully delivered a brand new plugin with more features, better performance and more user-friendly interfaces. The plugin has received over 12 thousand downloads as of September 2017.

Project website (GitHub):


Shuttle Tracking v2

School Shuttle Real-time Tracking Webapp - Project Contributor

Shuttle Tracking v2 is a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute supported open source project. It utilizes school shuttle's location API, iTrak, to track the location of each shuttle.

Originally started as Shuttle Tracking, Shuttle Tracking v2 took on practice of rewriting the project using GO language while making the application more consistent and extensible. Original functionalities will kept, new features such as mobile-friendly view, shuttle location prediction and notification system will be added.

Project website (production site):

Shuttle Tracking v2

Inactive Projects


Helper Widgets for Android Game "Warship Girls" - Project Founder

ZjsnViewer is a helper tool for an Android game named Warship Girls.

The tool should be installed on the same device with game installed. It utilizes Android Widgets to display player information even the game is closed. Configurable notification will be sent to the user if notable action would be required in-game.

ZjsnViewer has approximately 25000 unique installs. The project was terminated due to game developer has officialy included ZjsnViewer's features in game.

Project website (Chinses/English):



Optimize Network by Traffic Routing - Project Founder

Internet traffic between countries are sometimes routed inefficiently. Though, this will not bring a notable performance loss for most users. However, users in China will sometimes will be greatly affected by this due to poor network in some regions.

McProxy is a research project that aims to improve network quality by using correct routing. Hundreds sets of user data was collected and analyzed for identifying multiple ISP's routing efficiency. Proxy servers will be deployed between better locations, therefore traffic will be able to avoid places with poor connectivity.

Currently, the best available route is deployed between China and United States to optimize network traffic for project Rev-Craft.